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Trump Sold Out Seniors by Scrapping His Medicare Rebate Proposal
8/15/2019 9:18:32 PM

By Ronald Klink   The Trump administration just sold out seniors to appease the health insurance lobby. Earlier this year, the administration proposed a major healthcare reform that garnered applause across the political spectrum, even from lifelong Democrats like me. The overhaul would have forced insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers to reduce Medicare beneficiaries' out-of-pocket pharmacy bills by tens of billions of dollars. But in July, officials scrapped that proposal due to intense opposition from insurance lobbyists. Patients won't forget this...

Reform Alternative Business Lending Practices to Protect Small-Business Owners
8/15/2019 9:16:47 PM

By Rep. Edolphus Towns   In my three decades representing parts of New York City in the House of Representatives, expanding economic opportunities for underserved communities was a top priority. That’s why, after I retired from public service, I joined the Board of World Business Lenders, an alternative business lender that provides desperately needed financing for businesses who want to grow or expand, leading to so many ancillary benefits to their local communities. Unfortunately, not all alternative business lenders are created equal. In an industry that is not...

Who Cares About Fair Elections?
8/15/2019 9:15:43 PM

By Julianne Malveaux The US House of Representatives passed the Securing America’s Fair Elections (SAFE) Act in June by a nearly totally partisan vote of 225-184 in late June. Only one Republican voted for legislation that would mandate paper ballots, increase election security, and create safeguards to prevent foreign interference in our elections. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) opposes the legislation and won’t even allow it to be introduced or voted on in the Senate. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was eloquently angry when she raised a series of...

A National Crisis: Surging Hate Crimes and White Supremacists
8/15/2019 9:12:08 PM

By Charlene Crowell   A Saturday morning shooting rampage in El Paso, Texas on August 3 took the lives of 22 people, and seriously injured more than two dozen others. Reportedly, the alleged shooter wanted to kill as many Mexicans as he could. Armed with safety glasses, ear coverings and an assault-style rifle, the shooter entered a Walmart store during a back-to-school sale. “Saturday’s attack on El Paso was an attack on the Mexican heritage of millions of Americans—and also part of a history of white supremacist and nativist acts in Texas across three...

Hurry Up and Wait: Docs Say Insurers Increasingly Interfere
8/7/2019 8:03:39 AM

By Tom Murphy   After Kim Lauerman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, doctors wanted to give her a drug that helps prevent infections and fever during chemotherapy. Her insurer said no. Anthem Blue Cross told Lauerman the drug wasn't necessary. She eventually got it after an infection landed her in the hospital, but that led to another problem: She ended up missing several chemo sessions. “The insurance has been great until I got to a point that I really needed something for survival,” Lauerman said. Doctors say they worry about the growing influence...

Black Women Taking on the Fight Against Diabetes
7/31/2019 11:30:20 AM

By Linda Goler Blount, MPH, President and CEO, Black Women’s Health Imperative   The cost of insulin is skyrocketing and people—especially Black women—are dying because they cannot afford or don’t have access to vital medication. There is not enough being done to lower the prices of prescription medications that could mean life or death for so many African Americans that depend on it to live. Over 30 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes—including nearly 13% of all non-Hispanic Black people....

NAACP and CRL: Student Debt Weighs Heaviest on Black America
7/31/2019 11:27:49 AM

By Charlene Crowell   From its founding in 1909 to today, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has endured as a vital advocacy organization dedicated to freedom and justice for all. From July 20-24, the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization’s annual convention met for the 110th time in Detroit’s Cobo Hall. This affectionate granddaddy of Black conventions, known for its timely topics, added student loan debt to its 2019 agenda. Co-releasing a research report with the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), the...

NAACP Unanimously Calls for the House of Representatives to Begin Impeachment Proceedings
7/31/2019 11:25:22 AM

By Lauren Poteat   During its 110th National Convention at the Cobo Center in Downtown Detroit, the NAACP—the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization—hosted delegates from all over the country. In keeping with the convention’s theme, “When We Fight, We Win,” the NAACP national delegation voted unanimously for the U.S. House of Representatives to initiate Articles of Impeachment for President Donald J. Trump. NAACP President Derrick Johnson, who has remained unwavering in his opposition to the president and his...

Vaccines, Preventable Diseases and Children’s Health: A Call to Action
7/31/2019 10:54:11 AM

By Marian Wright Edelman   I’ve never forgotten my family’s sadness over the senseless death of my childhood neighbor little Johnny Harrington, who lived three houses down from our church parsonage in segregated Bennettsville, South Carolina. Johnny stepped on a rusted nail and died of the resulting tetanus infection because his hard-working grandmother had no doctor to advise her nor the money to pay for health care. Over the last four decades the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) has fought alongside many others to champion policies and programs that work to ensure...

Transformative 5G Technology Arrives
7/24/2019 11:31:53 AM

The next wave of technological evolution has arrived in the form of 5G, a new generation of mobile networks where at least four major telephone carriers in America—AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint—have put forth plans to introduce this year. Reportedly, AT&T has even started trials with 5G mobile hotspots in 12 cities. “The first generation was all about being able to just talk on the phone where ever you were,” said Candice Brackeen, the co-founder and executive director of Hillman Accelerator, which supports women and minority led tech companies in...