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All in due time, so she says
10/21/2020 9:40:45 AM

Dr. James L. Snyder   THE PARSONAGE—For several weeks, or has it been years, I’ve been waiting for an important package to come through the mail. I don’t know why they call it snail mail because I have seen snails crawl faster. With all our technology today, you would think that mail could come in on a particular schedule, and I'm thinking of a fast-paced schedule. I've been going to the mailbox every day for several weeks, and I find a lot of junk mail, but I don't find the mail that I'm looking for. They promised it would arrive between...

Coronavirus vs the flu: How to tell the difference
10/15/2020 12:38:35 PM

Dear Savvy Senior, Can you explain the differences between the coronavirus and seasonal flu? I’m 70-years-old, and usually get a standard flu shot, but would like to find out what else I can do to protect myself this winter. Worried Senior              Dear Worried, Great question! Because of the dual danger of Influenza (flu) and COVID-19, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently warned that this fall and winter could be the worst ever for public health. Understanding this, knowing the...

Please help ensure our children’s future by voting
10/15/2020 12:36:03 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT EMERITA   “The Peacemaker taught us about the Seven Generations. He said, when you sit in council for the welfare of the people, you must not think of yourself or of your family, not even of your generation. He said, make your decisions on behalf of the seven generations coming, so that they may enjoy what you have today.” –Oren Lyons, Seneca Faithkeeper, Onondaga Nation On October 16-18, 2020 thousands of congregations across our nation will celebrate the Children’s Defense Fund’s annual...

Junk is a matter of personal definition
10/15/2020 12:32:03 PM

Dr. James L. Snyder   THE PARSONAGE—I thought I had everything organized and in order. It just shows how useless my thinking is these days. There are many piles in my office and on my desk, and I know what is in each pile. Everything is organized to my specifications. My rule is: if I can't find something, I don't need it. Believe me; there's a lot of things I don't need. At the end of the week, I was finishing up my office area and closing it down for the week. I sighed a deep sigh of relief, knowing that my work for the week was done. Nothing is more...

Love of job keeps 80-year-old EMT working during a pandemic
10/15/2020 10:57:48 AM

By Megan Banta   CHARLOTTE, Mich. (AP)—Most people don't start a full-time career in their 60s. Lyle See isn't most people. At 80 years old, he's been an EMT for decades alongside a career in human resources and working as a firefighter. His first run was in 1962, shortly after he graduated from Olivet College, responding to the call of a woman with a heart issue. At that time, he didn't have equipment on the ambulance to save her life in time. “We had none of the technology,” See told the Lansing State Journal. That's changed...

Savvy Senior - How to create an online memorial for a departed loved one
10/7/2020 5:06:02 PM

Dear Savvy Senior, My mother passed away last week, and because of COVID we didn’t have a funeral. I would like to create some type of online memorial for her so family and friends can express their condolences and share their stories. What can you tell me about making an online memorial for my mom? Grieving Daughter   Dear Grieving, I’m very sorry for your loss. Creating an online memorial for your mom is a great idea and one that’s become increasingly popular in the age of COVID. Thousands of families have created them for their departed loved ones,...

Happy birthday, Jim Lawson! Our great nonviolence teacher and leader
10/7/2020 5:03:31 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT EMERITA   “To practice nonviolence is to find a stream of life that allows you to live creatively…The only way forward is to risk our lives…The future does not belong to the military industrial complex or to Donald Trump, but to those who are persistent in wonder and in love.” –Rev. James Lawson   The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors recently proclaimed September 22, Rev. James Lawson’s 92nd birthday, as “Rev. James M. Lawson, Jr. Day.” It was a great celebration...

SENIOR MOMENTS: What happens if a candidate for president dies?
10/7/2020 5:00:48 PM

By Stephen Ohlemacher WASHINGTON (AP)—It’s a month before Election Day and President Donald Trump is in the hospital, infected with a virus that has killed more than 209,000 Americans. What happens in the election—already well underway—should his condition take a turn for the worse? If the president is unable to serve, through illness or death, the 25th Amendment makes clear the powers of the presidency transfer to Vice President Mike Pence until the president regains the ability to perform his duties. But what happens if a candidate for president dies...

Chillin’ ain’t what I thought it was
10/7/2020 4:49:02 PM

Dr. James L. Snyder   THE PARSONAGE—Last week the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage came up with a brilliant idea. At least, at the time, it seemed brilliant. “Why don’t we,” she began, “take Monday off and just chill?” Since it's been a long time since I did any chillin, I had to ask her, "What do we chill about?" She looked at me with one of those looks and said, “Oh, silly boy. Don’t you know what it means to just chill for a day?” It's been so long since I did any of that I'm not sure if I...

Savvy Senior - How to Recognize and Stop Elder Abuse in the COVID Era
10/1/2020 4:12:41 PM

Dear Savvy Senior, Can you write a column on how to recognize elder abuse and what to do if you suspect it? Concerned Relative   Dear Concerned, Elder abuse is a big problem in the United States that has escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the National Council on Aging, as many as 5 million seniors are victims of abuse each year, but studies suggest this crime is significantly under-reported. Only 1-in-14 cases of elder abuse ever get reported to the authorities because victims are usually too afraid, too embarrassed, too helpless or too trusting to call...