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Tai chi helps seniors deal with stress during outbreak
4/15/2020 12:47:23 PM

By Kelsey Stewart   OMAHA, Neb. (AP)—Cars rushed up and down nearby Underwood Avenue. Birds chirped incessantly. Bicycle wheels whirred and runners' shoes pounded the pavement. Nearby, a woman hosed off her home's siding after planting flowers. But Rita Otis' calm voice projected over the chaos and neighborhood noise around her. Through a series of neighborhood tai chi practices, Otis hopes she can help her neighbors take their minds off of stress and anxieties during the coronavirus outbreak. For the past week, Otis has hosted the sessions in the...

There’s always tomorrow
4/15/2020 12:44:37 PM

Dr. James L. Snyder   For almost four weeks now, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and Yours Truly have enjoyed some exceptional time together. It has been the rich experience I never thought I would experience until I retired from everything. But, if this is retirement, “Lord, let it be so.” Nothing to complain about here. We have enjoyed spending quality time together and catching up on things that happened 50 years ago. Her memory is a lot better than mine, to be sure. This time off has really been a rejuvenating experience, at least for me. I...

Advanced care planning during COVID-19: An important conversation to have
4/15/2020 12:41:44 PM

Posted by Karen Fletcher California Health Advocates   If not now, when? The coronavirus (COVID-19) puts everyone at risk, but especially our older adults 65 years or older and anyone with a pre-existing health condition and/or compromised immune system. fIf you or a loved one has not yet had a conversion about health care choices during a potential serious illness, now it the time to do it. One of our partners, Coalition for Compassionate Care is starting a communications campaign to encourage people to think about and put in writing what medical care they want in case of...

Virus sends Holocaust survivors behind doors, back in time
4/15/2020 12:38:07 PM

By Don Babwin   OAK PARK, Ill. (AP)—For Olga Weiss, the order to stay at home is about much more than simply locking her door to the coronavirus. It has awakened fears from decades ago when she and her parents hid inside for two years from Nazis hunting down Jews in Belgium. “It is almost an echo of when we were young, when we were children, the same feeling of not knowing what will happen next,” said Weiss, 83. “We aren't thinking about the virus; we are thinking of what happened to us” back then. Close to 400,000 survivors of the Holocaust...

Sensory loss can lead to isolation and depression
4/15/2020 12:21:15 PM

By Jimmy Sailors   DOTHAN, Ala. (AP)—Caring for a 101-year-old man who's deaf and almost totally blind takes patience and understanding. It's the kind of work Nancy Griffin finds rewarding. As one of the caregivers with Wiregrass Area Home Instead Senior Care looking after the man and his wife, Griffin sees the challenges people with sensory loss face. She also recognizes that creating a supportive environment to help them live a fulfilling life is vital. “To see how they enjoy each other every day, it makes your heart smile,” Griffin...

Dr. Fauci's face will soon be on a bobblehead
4/8/2020 12:29:47 PM

By Carrie Antflinger   MILWAUKEE (AP)—The United States' top infectious disease specialist is getting his own bobblehead. The creation from the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee features Dr. Anthony Fauci wearing a suit as he makes a motion showing how the nation needs to "flatten the curve" in the coronavirus pandemic. The museum in Milwaukee picked Fauci because many people see the plain-speaking expert on the coronavirus as a hero right now, said co-founder and CEO Phil Sklar. "He isn't trying to spin things," he...

New phone-only Quibi aims for bite of digital entertainment
4/8/2020 12:27:01 PM

By Lynn Elber   LOS ANGELES (AP)—Want to see Chance the Rapper prank Hollywood stars? Catch a new action thriller starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz? How about a six-minute edition of "60 Minutes"? There's an app for that, and more. Quibi—a snappy amalgam of "quick" and "bite"—is a mobile phone-only platform that will release its snack-sized installments of movies and TV shows each weekday. There will be seven-day-a-week dollops of news, sports and weather, gathered under the umbrella name Daily Essentials, all adding...

How a chance reunion led to Nipsey Hussle's death
4/8/2020 12:24:39 PM

By Andrew Dalton Ermias Asghedom and Eric Holder both grew up in the same Los Angeles neighborhood, were both part of the gang known as the Rollin’ 60s, and were both aspiring rappers. Asghedom, who went by the name Nipsey Hussle, would go on to become a hip-hop star, neighborhood legend and local hero. Holder’s music never caught on. He went by the name Fly Mac, but everyone in his neighborhood knew him by his nickname, a profane moniker for excrement. On March 31, 2019, after Hussle calmly told Holder he was gaining a reputation as a “snitch,” the...

Pet fostering takes off as coronavirus keeps Americans home
4/8/2020 12:16:32 PM

By Margery A. Beck and Scott McFetridge   OMAHA, Neb. (AP)—The Simeon family was heading home to Omaha from a Smoky Mountains vacation when Kim Simeon spotted a social media post from the Nebraska Humane Society, pleading with people to consider fostering a pet amid concerns about how the coronavirus would affect operations. A day later, a 1 1/2-year-old black lab mix named Nala was nestling in at her home. Nala is one of 35 dogs and cats that have been placed with Omaha-area families as part of an emergency foster care program. "I just felt like, with all the...

Dispatches from Dystopia - The mettle of the better angels of our nature is being tested
4/8/2020 12:08:18 PM

So like most of the world, I got laid off from a couple of part-time gigs in the last few weeks. Finally! I made the headlines, and not for any of the reasons my parents had predicted. (Point goes to L Ron!) You know how it is. Everything is just a story in the paper; tch tch tch and turn the page… until it affects you. Then that random news item becomes mighty real, mighty tactile, mighty fast. George Carlin nailed the phenomenon perfectly. Cleaned up for a family publication, he said, “You ever notice how other peoples’ stuff is [poop], but your [poop] is...