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Following Supreme Court Oral Argument, Harris Resolution Affirms 150-Year-Old Federal Civil Rights Law
12/13/2019 2:51:33 PM

WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris (D-CA) introduced a Senate resolution affirming the importance of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, Section 1981, one of the country’s fundamental anti-discrimination laws. Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, introduced a companion resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives. Harris’ resolution follows oral argument in the United States Supreme Court case, Comcast Corporation v. National Association of African American-Owned Media and Entertainment Studios Networks, Inc....

The Truth About Guns in America
11/20/2019 11:27:17 AM

By Marian Wright Edelman FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT EMERITA   Once again this week the breaking news showed the devastating scenes at a school shooting—this time at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California. In a nation with more guns than people, the pervasive fear of gun violence saturates our children’s lives. Why do we continue to allow guns to steal our children’s lives, dreams, futures and childhoods? America’s obsession with guns is fueled by myths and misconceptions—and this misinformation is no accident. For years the gun lobby has...

Housing Discrimination Complaints Highest in 24 Years While HUD Rolls Back Rules
11/20/2019 11:03:02 AM

By Charlene Crowell   As a candidate, President Donald Trump promised if elected that deregulation of the federal government would be an administration priority. Soon after taking the oath of office, he issued an executive order requiring that all departments and agencies to eliminate two existing regulations for every one new regulation proposed. In some cases, rules that were adopted prior to his term office but had not yet taken effect were either suspended or delayed. For example, the long-awaited payday rule at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was one...

Journalists Blast Facebook’s Zuckerberg for ‘Free Expression’ Speech
11/13/2019 9:37:40 PM

By Stacy M. Brown   Approximately 7,200 jobs in the news industry were lost in the past year. Journalism in America is facing an existential threat from the monopolistic control of tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple. A growing group of publishers, news gatherers, journalists, photographers, and other professionals, the Save Journalism Project’s is to educate and activate journalists across the country to tell the story of big tech's threat to journalism. The leadership at the Save Journalism Project scoffed at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's recent...

America’s Veterans Deserve Better from For-Profit Colleges
11/13/2019 9:22:11 PM

By Charlene Crowell   Every year, the 11th day of the 11th month is observed as Veterans Day. It’s a time to honor the 18.2 million men and women still living who served in at least one war. Though observances vary across the nation, each celebrates the American ideal of service to country. It’s also a time to remember that our nation makes promises to these patriots that must be kept. From health care to home loans and educational benefits, our nation supports the well-being and financial security of those who have served and their families. For example, VA...

Remembering Congressman Elijah Cummings and the Journey Still Ahead
11/6/2019 2:43:00 PM

By Charlene Crowell   The nationally televised October 25 funeral services for the late Congressman Elijah E. Cummings, paused partisan debates and revealed how a son of Baltimore worked tirelessly for his constituents and for this nation. In the days since his home-going, I have marveled at how his life’s work somehow brought together officials who held firm to their stark political divides but united to honor a man who believed that everyone deserved a fair chance at all America had to offer. Even in death he broke yet another barrier by becoming the first Black Member...

Twins’ Superhero Party at Knock Knock Museum Gives Lessons, Toys to Others
11/6/2019 2:30:28 PM

By Michelle McCalope   Diamond Sherrod and husband, Dr. Rome Sherrod hosted a birthday party with a cause for their 5-year-old twin sons, Rome and Paten. Diamond Sherrod rented the Knock Knock Children’s Museum Saturday, Sept. 28, and invited 50 of their friends, but the boys did not receive gifts. All of the gifts that their party guests brought were given to homeless children at St. Vincent de Paul. “I want to foster a spirit of empathy, gratitude and giving back in my kids and others, while bringing awareness to the difference between the socio-economic...

John Conyers Dies at 90
11/2/2019 2:38:58 PM

By Stacy M.Brown   Former U.S. Congressman John Conyers, whose 15-year fight to pass legislation that would make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday a federal holiday, has died. He was 90. The longtime Michigan Democrat represented what is now the state’s 13th Congressional District (which includes parts of western Detroit) for more than 50 years. Conyers resigned in 2017. Conyers was born in Detroit in 1929. He was elected to Congress in 1965 and immediately became a forceful voice in the Civil Rights Movement, co-sponsoring the Voting Rights Act of that same...

Importance of Educators of Color for Black & Brown Students
11/2/2019 2:36:21 PM

By Ron Rice Senior Director, Government Relations at the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools   I have been a Black student, education policymaker, and now an advocate for providing the best educational opportunities for all our children. One reality that I’ve had to face and embrace through each of these stages in my life and career is that the prevalence of leaders of color like me is a major contributor to educational success and whose lack thereof stifles that potential. As a student of color, those examples helped me thrive; and today they inform my...

Congressman Elijah Cummings Dies at 68
10/23/2019 10:20:22 AM

By Stacy M. Brown   The Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and a titan of the U.S. Congress, Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD-7), died early Thursday morning. He was 68. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, the congressman's wife and chairman of the Maryland Democratic Committee, said Cummings died at 2:45 a.m. at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Mrs. Cummings said her husband's death resulted from complications concerning longstanding health challenges. In recent years, Cummings had been in and out of the hospital. "Dr. Elijah Saunders and I took care of...