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Being Black and Republican in the Era of Trump Presents Real Challenges
7/19/2019 1:49:03 PM

By Stacy M. Brown   It’s likely that identifying as a Republican today isn’t as easy as it once was, particularly with President Donald Trump’s policies that have included separating children from parents; the administration’s escalating racial rhetoric; and a special counsel report that strongly suggests the nation’s commander-in-chief committed crimes that may not just end with obstruction of justice. And, as tough as it is for White GOP members to identify with the party (See: Michigan Rep. Justin Amash’s declaring his independence this...

DCCC Announces “Cycle of Engagement”—an Aggressive and Sustained Effort to Connect with People of Color and Young Voters
7/19/2019 1:46:59 PM

NPPA Pressroom DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos formally announced the Cycle of Engagement—the largest early investment House Democrats have ever made to improve the way we’re connecting with the base of our Democratic Party—especially people of color and younger Americans. Following through on a promise to expand upon 2018’s Year of Engagement, and inspired by her own work recruiting and training diverse voices to run for office, the DCCC’s Cycle of Engagement program began with a major early investment in grassroots organizers across America and has continued...

Realizing a Dream for Our Children
7/19/2019 1:45:25 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman   This week, clergy, seminarians, religious educators, community organizers, young adult leaders and other faith-based advocates in the intergenerational, interracial, multi-ethnic, ecumenical community pursuing justice for our nation’s children will come together at the Children’s Defense Fund’s Haley Farm in Tennessee for the 25th Annual CDF Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry. The theme for this year’s gathering is “Guide Our Feet: Pursuing Justice for All God’s Children.” As we focus on...

The United States of Overreaction
7/19/2019 1:44:19 PM

By Matthew Johnson   On July 4, at a Starbucks in Tempe, Arizona, six police officers were asked to either move out of a customer’s line of sight or leave the establishment because they were making a patron uncomfortable—for being police. As a progressive-minded American who believes certain (unjust) laws are meant to be broken and who strongly opposes any manner of police abuse or overreach, I am not particularly comfortable around police myself (although, admittedly, I am white and tend to get the benefit of the doubt during confrontations). However, I am equally...

New Measles Case Confirmed in Los Angeles County
7/19/2019 1:21:38 PM

LOS ANGELES (AP)—Health authorities have confirmed a new case of measles that may have exposed others this month at a food court on the University of California, Los Angeles, campus. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health says the exposure could have occurred July 2 and 3 at the Court of Sciences Student Center at UCLA. The food court is also nicknamed The Bomb Shelter. Anyone who was at the location on those dates may be at risk of developing measles for up to 21 days. Health authorities say it's the 12th case of measles among Los Angeles County residents this...

A Country We Still Have to Create By Marian Wright Edelman
7/10/2019 10:44:37 AM

This Fourth of July I am returning to the wise words of my late friend Dr. Vincent Harding, the revered historian, theologian, social justice activist, and visionary who never lost sight of the “beloved community” his friend and colleague Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed our nation and world could become. In July 2012 on his 81st birthday Dr. Harding spoke at the National and Racial Healing Town Hall at a Children’s Defense Fund’s conference. He told us he believed America was a wounded nation, but despite so many years of struggle he remained convinced America...

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder and Black Futures Lab Release Second Black Census Report By Tedarius Abrams, Sharon Washington and Elae Hill
7/10/2019 10:41:54 AM

According to a new report produced in part by Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza, Black lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans may be more concerned with everyday economic issues like low wages, unaffordable health care, and access to housing. More respondents identified these as higher priorities than marriage equality, though they strongly support laws enabling gay and lesbian couples to marry legally. The analysis of responses from over 5,300 participants in the 2019 Black Census, demonstrate that police violence and impunity—and broader societal violence that targets the...

Women’s Suffrage Forged by Founding Sisters: Happy Birthday to Ida B. By Gwen McKinney
7/10/2019 10:39:26 AM

“The people must know before they can act, and there is no educator to compare with the press.” So proclaimed Ida B. Wells-Barnett, who fearlessly shined a light with words on the abominable dark days after slavery and into the 20th century. Journalist, publisher, author, activist, and suffragist leader, Ida B.’s spirit soars. July 16 marks the 157th anniversary of her birth. Blood, sweat, and ink sealed her legacy and the future of a nation still struggling to be whole. Ida B. revered the Black press as an organizing tool. Though her newspaper The Memphis Free...

New Levels of Shame
7/4/2019 11:55:42 AM

By Marian Wright Edelman   It is inconceivable that the latest headlines come from a civilized nation. “Detained Migrant Children Denied Adequate Food, Water & Sanitation in Texas.” “There Is a Stench: No Soap and Overcrowding in Detention Centers for Migrant Children.” “‘The Taliban gave me toothpaste’: Former captives contrast U.S. treatment of child migrants.” Last week’s Associated Press report exposed the details of the inhumane conditions and neglect at the Clint, TX Border Patrol station: “Lawyers warn that...

Let The Summer Fun Begin
7/4/2019 11:54:12 AM

Dr. James L. Snyder   Now that summer is upon us, we can turn our back on those frosty days of winter. I like winter as long as it is in the past tense. Otherwise, all that cold tenses me up something terrific. Now that summer is upon me, I can sit back, relax and enjoy those crazy, lazy days of summer. My plans for the summer have already been established. I have a little notebook with all the things I plan to do during the summer. If someone were to open that little notebook, they will find, much to their surprise, not a thing written on any page. That is precisely my plan....