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Skid Row artists celebrate 12th festival in-person
10/7/2021 1:09:50 PM

The Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD) presents the 12th annual Festival for All Skid Row Artists on Saturday, October 16 from 12 noon to 5pm. The festival features non-stop performing with plenty of music, and wall to wall visual art. Taking place in Gladys Park, October 16 from 12 noon to 5pm., the festival is one of the most anticipated grassroots cultural events in Skid Row where over 100 Skid Row Artists perform or display their artwork to enthusiastic audiences. Many festival veterans are preparing new acts and works of art, while some brave newbies will get on-stage for the...

Woman missing; police seeks public’s help
10/7/2021 1:07:48 PM

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Missing Persons Unit investigators are asking for the public’s help locating Missing Person Cashawn Ashley (“Cookie”) Sims. She is a 30-year-old Black female who was last seen on September 8, 2021 on the 2100 block of Broach Ave., in Duarte. ?? Cashawn is 5’1” tall, 120lbs with black shoulder length hair and brown eyes. Ms. Sim has a tattoo of “It’s found in the soul” on her left collarbone, “Earth” on her left forearm, and a tattoo of Spanish writing on her back. Her family is...

7 dead, 853 new cases of COVID-19 in LA County lockup investigated
10/7/2021 1:06:51 PM

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) is investigating 19 ongoing outbreaks in correctional and law enforcement settings; a slight decrease from the 23 ongoing outbreaks in these settings reported a month ago, on September 3. For the week ending September 24, 434 new cases associated with correctional facility outbreaks were reported; for the week ending October 1, 84 new cases associated with correctional facility outbreaks were reported. To date, there have been 11,635 cases among people who are incarcerated and staff at correctional...

First federal lawsuit filed in Huntington Beach oil spill
10/7/2021 1:04:50 PM

LOS ANGELES—As the U.S. Coast Guard investigates more than 126,000 gallons of oil spilled five miles off the coast of Huntington Beach, the first federal lawsuit linked to the disaster was filed late Monday to recover damages for individuals and businesses damaged by the massive leak. The spill, discovered Saturday, apparently occurred from an offshore oil production facility owned by Houston-based Amplify Energy. The proposed class-action suit, filed in Los Angeles federal court against the corporation and its Beta Offshore division, includes claims for monetary damages, injunctive...

NASA's Nelson's: Astronauts no longer exclusive to white men
10/7/2021 1:02:58 PM

By Brendan Farrington   TALLAHASSEE (AP)—Being an astronaut is no longer an exclusive club of white men, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said Friday while telling students that the first woman and first person of color will be landing on the moon soon. Nelson told a group of middle school students and Florida A&M-Florida State College of Engineering students that unlike the Apollo missions to the moon, the return under the Artemis Program will be led by a diverse group of astronauts. “The astronaut corps looks a lot different. They're not all white male test...

Hollywood crew union votes overwhelmingly to authorize strike
10/7/2021 1:02:05 PM

LOS ANGELES—Members of the International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike that could shut down many Hollywood film and television productions, the union announced Monday. "IATSE members in TV and film production voted to authorize the first nationwide industry strike in our 128-year history," the union said Monday on Twitter. According to the union, 98.68% of members who cast ballots voted yes, and voter turnout among eligible members at nearly 90%. Members of 36 local unions, including 13 on the West Coast,...

William Shatner will fly to space aboard Blue Origin rocket
10/7/2021 12:58:33 PM

By Marcia Dunn   CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP)—Captain Kirk is rocketing into space next week—boldly going where no other sci-fi stars have gone. Jeff Bezos’ space travel company, Blue Origin, announced Monday that “Star Trek” actor William Shatner will blast off from West Texas on Oct. 12. “Yes, it’s true; I’m going to be a ‘rocket man!’” the 90-year-old tweeted. He added: “It’s never too late to experience new things.” Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is a huge fan of the sci-fi series and even...

Biden lifts abortion referral ban on family planning clinics
10/7/2021 12:56:01 PM

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar   WASHINGTON (AP)—The Biden administration on Monday reversed a ban on abortion referrals by family planning clinics, lifting a Trump-era restriction as political and legal battles over abortion grow sharper from Texas to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Department of Health and Human Services said its new regulation will restore the federal family planning program to the way it ran under the Obama administration, when clinics were able to refer women seeking abortions to a provider. The goal is to “strengthen and restore” services, said...

Congress, don’t play political football with children’s futures
10/7/2021 12:17:37 PM

By Marian Wright Edelman FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT EMERITA   As Congress continues to negotiate and finalize a budget reconciliation package, we must ensure the needs of children are not sacrificed to protect rich individuals and corporations. Congress has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to put America’s most vulnerable children and families first, advance racial equity, and make a down payment on ending child poverty. Last week the House sent the Senate a strong package which would extend the expanded Child Tax Credit and ensure more children have access; invest in...

California moves to return beach seized from Black couple
9/16/2021 10:39:43 PM

By Don Thompson   SACRAMENTO (AP)—California lawmakers unanimously moved Thursday to allow the return of prime beachfront property to descendants of a Black couple who were stripped of their resort for African Americans amid racist harassment a century ago. What was known as Bruce's Beach in the city of Manhattan Beach was purchased in 1912 by Willa and Charles Bruce. They built the first West Coast resort for Black people during an era when racial segregation barred them from many beaches. The couple built a lodge, cafe, dance hall and dressing tents with bathing...