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Thursday, August 29, 2019

By Jonathan Landrum, Jr.


LOS ANGELES (AP)—It's tough to overstate the impact of “Power.”

The series turned Starz into a must-watch cable network for many viewers, proved 50 Cent's instincts correct and along the way turned its characters into internet sensations and in some cases, household names.

While much of the show focused on Omari Hardwick's character, James “Ghost” St. Patrick, and his double life as a drug kingpin wanting to turn legit, its supporting cast proved equally compelling.

Ahead of the show's sixth and final season premiere on Sunday, Hardwick and other cast members reflect on how “Power” changed their lives.


OMARI HARDWICK (James “Ghost” St. Patrick)

Omari Hardwick didn't want to play Ghost after reading script for “Power,” because he was satisfied with being a backup co-star as he'd been on BET's “Being Mary Jane” and the films “Beauty Shop” and “Sparkle.” But Hardwick's wife encouraged him to take on the lead role.

Best move ever.

Hardwick may not have had a problem landing roles before Power,” but he's picked up even more in the last five years.

He's had prominent roles in “Sorry to Bother You,” “Nobody's Fool” and “A Boy. A Girl. A Dream.” He's also filming “Army of the Dead,” starring Ella Purnell, Dave Bautista and Garret Dillahunt.

None of those roles was similar to Hardwick's Ghost. The former college football said “Power” helped him land parts that showcased other facets of his acting.

“It's definitely been a launch pad for me,” said Hardwick, 45, a native of Decatur, Georgia. “The great Al Pacino said, ‘I'm unemployed after every job that was over.' He did alright for himself.”



Joseph Sikora has been acting for more than three decades, but his “Power” character stands as his most memorable one.

Sikora plays the gun-toting, cold-hearted Tommy who savors the drug world. He's also Ghost's best friend and business partner, who he often tries to convince to stay in the drug game.

Tommy is a fan-favorite, and given Sikora the most consistent acting work of his career.

“How has it changed my life? I'm able to pay my bills,” he said. “I don't have to delegate where the money goes and decide on whether I'm paying the phone bill. Buying a gift for somebody's birthday or just draw them a card. It's nice to have options. It's good to know where your food is going to come from, and not get the day old vegetables from Chinatown.”

But Sikora thought his breakout role would have led to more opportunities sooner.

“It was a much slower process than I was ready for,” said Sikora, 43, who appeared in a McDonald's commercial as a teenager with Michael Jordan. The Chicago native starred on Broadway and has appeared in an array of TV shows including “Boardwalk Empire,” “Grey's Anatomy,” “True Detective” and the film “Shutter Island.”

“I still audition. Unfortunately, at a lower level than I was anticipating after the success of this show,” he said. “But whatever it is, I'm never afraid of hard work.”

It might be slower than Sikora hoped, but he's staying busy. During his “Power” tenure, he's starred in the film “The Intruder,” as Frog Jack in the TV series “Underground” and will star in the upcoming “Jacob's Ladder” remake.