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Thursday, July 30, 2020

I love tacos. I love them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Heck, they are even great for a quick snack. Tacos are a tried-and-true meal and will satisfy you rain or shine, or any day that ends in Y.

If you want to get your day off to a great start, there are few options as good as a Breakfast Taco. I make mine different ways depending on what I have in the fridge. On this particular day I had leftover pinto beans that I had made from scratch the day before. I paired them with a scrambled egg and cheese, finished off with Pico de Gallo and pickled red cabbage. I will walk you through it all. Let me show you how I made these breakfast tacos!


Ingredients for Pinto Beans

• 1 Cup Dry Pinto Beans

• 1 Jalapeño Diced

• ½ Red Bell Pepper Chopped

• ½ White Onion Chopped

• 1 Tbsp Salt

• Water


Ingredients for Pickled Cabbage

• ½ Head of Red Cabbage sliced thinly

• ¼ cup of White Wine Vinegar

• ¼ cup of Rice Vinegar

• ½ cup of Cilantro Chopped

• 1 Tsp Salt


Ingredients for Tacos

• Corn Tortillas

• Egg

• Vegetable or Canola Oil for the tortillas

• Shredded Cheese


To Cook the Pinto Beans

Combine all the ingredients in a medium sized sauce pan with water to about 2 inches above the top of the beans. Simmer for about 3.5 hours. The water will get absorbed in the beans pretty quickly so always make sure there is enough water in the pan. The beans are done when they turn soft and the water turns into a thicker starchy paste like liquid.

To Make the Cabbage

Thinly slice the cabbage and place in a bowl. Add the vinegar, cilantro, and salt and mix together. Eat now or store in your fridge. Will last for weeks.

To Make the Tacos

In a medium hot frying pan, add pinto beans and smash with the backside of a wooden spoon. Push to one side and layer cheese on top. In the same pan crack 1 egg per taco and pan scramble. In a separate pan, dip tortillas in a little oil and heat them until soft and warm all the way through. Assemble the beans and cheese and egg in a tortilla and top with Pico de Gallo (see last week’s column) and pickled cabbage.

There you have it. Arguably the world’s best breakfast.