Wednesday, August 9, 2017

By Melina Cervantes

Geoffrey Martinez has been successfully making and selling his own brand of coffee for almost four years. He calls it Patria Coffee. Now he is moving forward with his plans of opening up his own coffee shop in Compton, California with the intention of creating “a space that’s inclusive” and that is more of a “community” according to Martinez.

After months of searching for a location, he chose a space located on Alameda street next to Wilson Park in Compton, California. The proximity of the park, Youth facilities and it being pedestrian friendly, brought Martinez to the conclusion that it was the perfect space. He wants to offer affordable organic coffee that is roasted on site. Despite already selling Patria Coffee online and supplying it to a couple of restaurants, Martinez’s dream is to open up his own coffee shop. He is a local homeowner who says that he envisions “creating jobs and introducing diversity in the speciality coffee industry” with his new venture.

The construction of the Patria Coffee shop has not been easy but Martinez and his family have received support from the community and surprisingly from people far away, who believe in his project. They have fund raised thousands of dollars in efforts to help defray the costs of permits and bringing the space up to code. The support could be due to Patria Cafe’s own generosity in the past. A percentage of their sales has gone to supporting local non-profit organizations that share their own vision of contributing to the good of the Compton Community. Despite the challenges of the construction Martinez says that they “believe enough in the space to do it” and believe that the local economy could be stronger if more local businesses are supported. Patria Coffee has broken ground and is expected to open October 2017.

For more information on Patria Cafe, you can visit The Bulletin’s Facebook page or Patria Coffee’s website .